Cartés Group transforms standard hospital wards into isolation wards, in collaboration with EIFFAGE ENERGÍA

Cartés Groupfocused on protecting people's health and technical excellence, collaborates with companies such as EIFFAGE ENERGÍA in the installation of filtration boxes to adapt standard rooms to isolated patient wards in hospitals.

With more than 50 years of experience, Grupo Cartés is the Spanish reference for specialisation in filters, systems and filtration solutions. filters, filtration systems and solutions and treatment of matter in any state, circumstance and environment. Its objective is to help achieve higher performance, protect people's health and ensure a sustainable future.

During this Covid-19 crisis, many hospitals have found it necessary to expand their isolation wards and isolation wards to accommodate infected persons.

The Cartés Group has joined forces with leading companies in their fields, such as EIFFAGE ENERGÍA -a national and international benchmark in the sectors of electrical infrastructures, installations, maintenance, electromedicine, civil works and construction, and renewable the development and execution of an engineering project for the San Juan Hospital (Alicante) consisting of the installation of filtration boxes composed of F9 and HEPA filters for the conversion of standard hospital rooms into conversion of standard hospital wards into negative pressure isolation wards, necessary for virus containment.necessary for the containment of the virus. A technical collaboration in which Grupo Cartés has contributed its know-how in filtration systems and solutions.

In addition, these rooms can be reconditioned into immunosuppressed wardsfor when patients are recovering and need to be in totally sterile, pathogen-free environments until their natural defences are fully restored.

About Cartés Group 

Grupo Cartés is a unique, innovative and constantly evolving company, whose purpose is to generate solutions from filtration, through a close and specialized team that helps industries, companies, institutions and professionals, with the aim of improving their profitability and efficiency. 

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