The Cartés Group offers solutions to reduce costs and maintenance time by up to 20% in the commercial vehicle sector.

Cartés Groupwith more than 50 years' experience, offers professionals in the industrial vehicle sector efficient, quality solutions that enable them to reduce maintenance costs and times by up to 20%, improving business performance and extending the useful life of machinery.

The Cartés Group is aware that for the good development of business in the commercial vehicle sector, it is necessary to industrial vehicle (specialised workshops, spare parts dealers and fleets) it is essential that the equipment is always in the best conditions, avoiding breakdowns and downtime, because this problem can lead to additional costs for transport professionals, as they need an alternative or are unable to perform the service, failing to comply with customers and increasing the cost per kilometre.

One of the company's main objectives in the field of commercial vehicles is to increase business performance and to extend the service life of machinery. extend the service life of machinery. To achieve this, they have developed a fuel and engine oil treatment service, which avoids any type of physical, chemical or biological contamination through a process of analysis, diagnosis and solutions to improve the state of the fluids.

To ensure the supply of filters on schedule in order to avoid additional costs and to maximise efficiency and profitability maximise efficiency and profitabilitythe Cartés Group experts define the needs of the equipment together with the professional.

Grupo Cartés works with brands such as DONALDSON, FLEETGUARD, PIUSI, MANN-FILTER or STEP FILTERS, a key brand thanks to its wide range of filters, aftermarket quality and competitive prices, and which represents a clear differentiation for the professionals who offer it or use it in their equipment. 

The company has people at heart at all times. That is why its portfolio includes sanitising solutions such as ozone generators and portable air purifiers for the truck cab or for installation in the air conditioning system of passenger vehicles, as well as cabin air filters with or without activated carbon and anti-allergen treatment.

All the solutions proposed by the Cartés Group can reduce maintenance costs and time by up to 20%, bringing great savings to companies in the sector and contributing to their profitability. 

Thanks to the company's efforts and know-how in this sector, it was endorsed by the "Quality and Service Brand" award in the "Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket Distribution Group" category at the Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket Quality and Service Awards. 

About Cartés Group 

Grupo Cartés is a unique, innovative and constantly evolving company, whose purpose is to generate solutions from filtration, through a close and specialized team that helps industries, companies, institutions and professionals, with the aim of improving their profitability and efficiency. 

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