Grupo Cartés adds to its portfolio solutions for engine and operator health protection in dusty environments.

Cartés Groupwith more than 50 years of experience offering solutions from filtration, expands its range of solutions for heavy machinery with the XLR and Vortex® MAX air filtration equipment for engine protection; and the RESPA© air quality system for cabin air conditioning and operator health protection, in accordance with ISO 23875 standards.

Grupo Cartés, a company aware of the needs of industries or sectors that work with heavy machinery in very dusty environments, has expanded its range of solutions for the protection of engines and the health of operators.

XLR is an air filtration equipment that, thanks to the cyclonic force it generates, eliminates 90% of the dirt and particles in the air before they pass to the particle filter that eliminates the remaining 99.956% of particles. In this way, the air that reaches the main filter of the machine is 100% clean of contaminating particles.

Vortex® MAX air filtration equipment employs patented SY-Klone separation technology that manages air through cyclonic motion, expelling heavy dirt and debris prior to high-efficiency filtration.

Among other benefits, XLR and Vortex® MAX increase productivity by avoiding machine downtime and excessive engine wear, extend the life of the main filter and protect the health of workers, who are no longer exposed to the dust generated when cleaning or blowing filters.

To protect the health of operators working inside a booth in very dusty environments, the RESPA© air filtration and pressurization system uses cyclonic force and particle filtration to ensure that the air reaching the booth is completely free of contaminating particles. This not only protects the operator's health, but also prevents the cabin's cooling system from being affected by clogged ducts.

RESPA©, among other benefits, complies with all current safety and occupational risk prevention (ORP) regulations.

About Cartés Group 

Grupo Cartés is a unique, innovative and constantly evolving company, whose purpose is to generate solutions from filtration, through a close and specialized team that helps industries, companies, institutions and professionals, with the aim of improving their profitability and efficiency.

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