Grupo Cartés promotes the profitability of vehicle and machinery fleets with its comprehensive service for fuels and lubricants.

Madrid, October 2023 - Cartés Groupwith more than 50 years of experience providing filtration solutions, offers a comprehensive service for the treatment of fuels and lubricants that helps businesses to increase the profitability of their vehicle and machinery fleets, among other benefits.

Grupo Cartés, thanks to its extensive expertise in the field of filtration, has developed solutions to maximize productivity, avoid breakdowns and guarantee the correct operation of vehicle fleets and machinery, helping to extend the time between maintenance and adapting its services to planned consumption and activity peaks.

Thanks to its integral service for the treatment of fuels and lubricants, the company helps businesses to increase the profitability of their fleets, avoiding any downtime. 

The integral service developed by Grupo Cartés has been developed to protect the most delicate components of vehicles and machinery, in order to avoid costly breakdowns. In this way, it achieves great savings in operating costs, a reduction in machinery maintenance and greater control over the actual state of oils and fuels. 

The benefits of the integral service for the treatment of fuels and lubricants offered by the expert filtration company can be summarized in five main points:

  • The efficiency of the machinery or vehicle is maximized, increasing the productivity of the professional or the company.

  • The quality of the oil and fuel is guaranteed in accordance with current ISO standards.

  • Equipment downtime is minimized through scheduled maintenance.

  • The service life of the system and its components is increased, resulting in increased operating profitability and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Repair and system downtime costs are reduced, as well as filtration costs.

About Cartés Group 

Grupo Cartés is a unique, innovative and constantly evolving company, whose purpose is to generate solutions from filtration, through a close and specialized team that helps industries, companies, institutions and professionals, with the aim of improving their profitability and efficiency. 

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