The Cartés Group has off-line filtering units to guarantee safety and efficiency in the naval industry.

Madrid, April 27, 2023 - Cartés Groupwith an experience of more than 50 years providing filtration solutions, has in its catalog with off-line filtration units to guarantee the optimal cleaning of fluids from tanks in the naval sector and thus ensure the correct operation of the systems and prolong the useful life of the components.

In the marine industry, tank cleaning is essential to ensure optimal operation of propulsion systems and prolong the life of mechanical components. Therefore, Grupo Cartés has in its portfolio for the sector with off-line filtration units to offer a permanent and continuous filtration that provides an optimization of fluid cleanliness in the long term for equipment with high maintenance costs.

The Cartés Group's off-line filtering units, also known as kidney circuits, offer a wide range of solutions for tanks up to 11,000 liters capacity, with single or multi-housing configurations and heating unit, depending on the specific needs of the system. In addition, they feature extremely efficient filter elements with a filtration degree of 0.5 microns, which provides a longer service life for oil and components, reduces breakdown and maintenance costs, and offers high filtration efficiency and capacity for contaminant and water accumulation.

The installation of a Grupo Cartés off-line filtration unit also offers the possibility of equipping the filters with specific water absorption pre-filters in cases of extreme contamination, which prevents the catalytic reaction between water and solid particles, while the oil reaches the main microfiltration element, which removes any remaining solid contamination and traces of water.

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