Cartés Group guarantees compliance with the protocols established for the pharmaceutical industry

Cartés Groupwith more than 50 years of experience in offering solutions from filtration, has among its services the performance of integrity tests for pharmaceutical laboratories. This test makes it possible to check that all batches of medicines follow the same procedure and that the filtering elements involved have fulfilled their function during the process.

To help companies follow the manufacturing protocols protocols of each medicine and guarantee its quality and traceability, the Cartés Group offers efficient solutionsthe Cartés Group offers efficient solutions ranging from filtration and the integrity testing service.

The expertise acquired by the company in the pharmaceutical industry allows it to have an in-depth knowledge of the strict manufacturing protocols that companies in this sector must follow so that their products comply with the parameters established by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios).

The integrity testing service analyses the filters involved in the filtration of ultrapure involved in the filtration of ultrapure water ring fluids, used in the manufacture of batch in the manufacture of batches, and thus checks the safety of all batches all batches before they enter the market. In the event that a filter element failure is detected, pharmaceutical companies will discard the unsuitable batch before it is released into circulation.

Integrity testing not only ensures that ensure that the manufacturing processes remain unalteredbut also protect the health of users and allow for better control of productivity, which results in higher profitability and cost savings for pharmaceutical companies by cost savings by avoiding the withdrawal of spoiled products from the market or legal action for damages. or legal action for damages.

Grupo Cartés complements the integrity testing service with a wide portfolio of products and leading brands focused on the pharmaceutical sector, as well as the support of the company's professionals to design reliable, efficient solutions adapted to all types of requirements.

About Cartés Group 

Grupo Cartés is a unique, innovative and constantly evolving company, whose purpose is to generate solutions from filtration, through a close and specialized team that helps industries, companies, institutions and professionals, with the aim of improving their profitability and efficiency. 

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